• The tube, a soft squeezable container which can be used for both viscous & non viscous liquids such as creams,ointments,shampoos,adhesives,cosmetics,sauces,gels,jams,honey,
    Ayurvedic creams,toothpaste,henna paste,pest control pastes,industrial creams and many more products is made of laminated material to protect the contents.
  • The tube is hermetically sealed and almost sterile as a result of exposure to high
    temperatures during the production process.
  • The tube has special coatings to prevent the material from reacting with the contents. The most important feature of these tubes is the barrier properties which keep the contents safe from the atmosphere.
  • Due to the manufacturing process, laminated tubes are also suitable for the packaging of highly perishable contents.
  • The ability to retain smoothness, flexibility and softness.
  • Increase in product shelf life & excellent barrier properties.
  • Injection Moulding technology ensures stronger fusion between the shoulder and body.
  • Excellent sealability & high filling line speed.
  • World class LTP printing technology with super resistance to print bleed.
  • Wide range of caps – Fez / Flower pot, Stand-up, Flip-top or Custom designed.
  • Coloured tube body available on request.
  • Tamper evident closure with freshness seal available.
  • Option of hot foil stamping & Choice of full or spot varnish.
  • Shoulder barrier for superior flavour and moisture retention on request.
  • Customized tube dispensing nozzle or applicator can be made on request and Pin hole orifice for low viscosity products.