All major industries create wealth but if there is one industry that plays a unique role by
way of both creation of wealth through a wide range of manufacturing activities and also
by way of preserving the wealth or value created by many other industries, it is

Apart from the huge value addition and employment involved in these activities, packaging
has served the Indian economy by helping preservation of the quality and lengthening the
shelf life of innumerable products – ranging from milk and biscuits, to drugs and
medicines, processed and semi-processed foods, fruits and vegetables, edible oils,
electronic goods etc., besides domestic appliances and industrial machinery and other
hardware needing transportation.

Packaging, as distinct from mere packing, plays it’s most visible and catalytic role in a
modern economy with the widespread adoption of branding of products and development
ofconsumer preferences. To the extent that any consumer product is packaged in a manner
that meets the criteria of safety, convenience and attractiveness, it gains market share. In
the aggregate, packaging as a sectoral activity boosts consumption and economic growth.
Heightened competition in all product sectors within the country as also the increasing
need to look for export markets have contributed to the rising demand for appropriate, and
at the same time cost-effective, packaging material and technologies.

The packaging industry’s growth has led to greater specialization and sophistication from
the point of view of health (in the case of packaged foods and medicines) and environment
friendliness of packing material. The demands on the packaging industry are challenging.
The World Packaging Organisation’ s (WPO) slogan, Better Quality of Life Through
Better Packaging, sums up the important place that packaging occupies in a modern
economy.To ensure the public appreciation of this role and the policy-makers’ support to
the industry are not diluted, attention should be paid to basic issues like collection,
segregation and reuse of synthetic packaging material and observation of regulatory