We are the sole manufacturers for producing lami tube making machines in India. Our expertise and experience has enabled us to automate our lines to ensure excellant quality tubes and give our clients an upper edge in the market.The machines are operator friendly,very easy to handle and are maintainance free. We provide you the most cost effective and total value of money in our machines in the world.Our clients mostly include Pharmaceutical Giants ,Aluminium tube makers,Seamless tube makers based in both India and abroad.

We are based in the special economic zone and pharmaceutical hub of Baddi.
In 1999, Aaywon developed its first manual laminate tube production machine. In 2002, while continuing to build on its expertise in laminated tube technology, Aaywon has developed the automatic tube production machine.

More than a decade after its creation, Aaywon is holding for several years now the leading
position in the laminate tube manufacturing machinery industry as well as the most
evolutional plastic tube heading technology on the market. In India alone, our more than 20 plants are running successfully.

Aaywon Today:
Aaywon, a medium size Indian company, continues to invent many leading tube technologies used in making the production machinery unique and more competitive.
We deliver high-speed packaging production lines,automated for mature markets, as well as flexible and reliable entry level tube production solutions for emerging market needs.
Enabling customers to profit further from our technologies and expertise, we also offer
customised engineering service solutions.