This machine is used to make cylindrical sleeves from printed web rolls
The machine is equipped with high frequency sealing system with servo system synchronized with feed and cutting.

Machine is controlled by closed loop servo system and plc with touch screen for easy operation.
The machine is designed by updating and optimizing our first generation tube machine. It is constructed by combining advanced mechanical & electronic technologies together.

Applying high frequency welding to aluminum-plastic laminated material enables
to produce various tubes with firm and smooth welded seams. This tube making machine
has the advantages of high productivity, low energy consumption, simple and safe
operation, low cost, strong stability and easy maintenance.
The machine is composed of Roll-releasing device,automatic tube forming device, high frequency welding mechanism, automatic synchronous revolving cutting mechanism and computer control system.

Technical Specifications:
Cutter :Servo Motor (1): 0.50 KW
Cutter Slide:Servo Motor (2): 0.75 KW
Main Drive:3 Phase A.C motor: 5(H.P.)
Human Machine Interface:Delta
Induction Sealing Welder:1 phase,220V ,A.C.,frequency:
Inductive Proximity Sensors
Photo Sensor

12.5feet(length) x 3.5feet(width) x 4.5feet(Height)
(Machine size and weight may very as per new developments)

Suitable to make tube diameters ranging from 16 to 50 mm.
Machine Speed:95-100 Tubes per minute.